Our Firm

Cabinet DJELLIOUT & fils was founded by :

Mr. Nour-Eddine DJELLIOUT, Attorney in Industrial Property, and

Mr. Samir DJELLIOUT, Attorney in Industrial Property,


It includes many Departments and Services :

- General Administration Department

- Patents Department

- Annuity payment Service

- Trademark, Domain Names, Designs and Models Department

- Customer Relations Service

- Finance and Client Portfolio Management Department

- IT Department

- Legal Service

- Technical Translation Service

The force of our firm resides in the know how gained by Messrs. DJELLIOUT father and son over respectively 43 and 19 years of experience and practice in the domain of industrial property.

Our objective is to accompany you in your approach to protect, value and defend your rights of Industrial Property in a legal environment which became very complex.


Our mission is to listen to your needs to:

- Advise you

- Represent you within the Administration

- Assist you

In order to obtain and to protect your rights of Industrial Property.

We also insure the keeping of your rights to prevent you from possible registrations of counterfeited marks or the existence of products and services counterfeiting your products and services.

To this end, our firm is perfectly able to assist you in the counterfeit lawsuits.


Our firm is at your disposal to follow your instructions in the shortest times with regards to:

- Research of precedence of Marks and Patents

- Research of companies names

- Writing and filing of contracts of transfer of rights in Industrial Property

- Writing and filing of contracts of transfer of rights in Industrial Property

- Surveillance and renewal of Marks

- Surveillance and payment of installments for patents of inventions

- Filing of complaints in counterfeit and introduction of civil actions in counterfeitfont>

And to be even closer to our customers, we developed a Web Application IP ACCESS that an ON-LINE DATABASE which allows you to follow daily the status of progress of the different processes reflecting the actual execution of your instructions and to download the official documents that are attached.