Every entity whose purpose is professional, cultural or assosiative (ministry, government bodies, academic and research establishments, private and public companies ...) can create a domain under the DZ domain.


The only conditions to which the applicant must fulfill are:

* The domain name must be valid (listing). Download

* Have the main site in Algeria and permanently accessible.

This permanent accessibility can be obtained in one of the following two cases:

* Is linked by a permanent connection (specialised connection or other) to the Internet, wherever the location of the connection point,

* Is housed by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) located in Algeria.

The applicant can choose a sub-domain from the following:
for companies whose purpose is economic and commercial
for governmental institutions and organisations
for ISP specialised in networks
for government bodies
for academic and scientific establishments
for associations
for political institutions
for culture and arts
for all entities



Step 1 : filing the registraion

All registration applications must go through filing at the NIC-DZ providing the following items:

* A filing application form signed by the final owner of the domain name.

* A proof of the choice of the domain name, such as:

- A copy of the companies register (commercial entity) or ;

- A copy of the mark filing from INAPI (for the mark names) or ; A copy of the official order of creation (association, organisation, governmental institution, )

* In case of intermediate, a proxy voting from the applying body appointing the intermediate to take in charge the operation of registration of the domain name.

Step 2 : Response from NIC-DZ

In case of positive response, the applicant will be given:

* The registration form. Download

* The registration contract for a domain name under DZ, to be signed by the applicant

* In case of rejection, the applicant will get their file with a letter justifying the causes of refusal, they will be able to re-apply if they wish to do so.

Step 3 : finalising the registration

* The applicant must then submit the registration form filled and signed

* The registration contract signed

Step 4 : handing of the certificate

The Nic-DZ hands to the client

* A copy of the contract signed by their representative,

* The certificate of registration of a domain name, upon request of the applicant.

The Nic-DZ proceeds, following this step, to register all information of the owner of the domain in the NIC-DZ database.