Activities & Services




- Research

- Translation

- Filing applications in Algeria

- Licence Agreements

- Consultations

- Registering modifications before Algerian patent office and Patenting offices abroad

- Assignments

- Protection of Industrial Property rights

- Seizure - counterfeit

- Conducting and following-up prosecutions in Algeria



Filing :

We are in charge to file the patent applications as well as going through entry formalities to a national level for PCT applications.

Translation :

Our translation service is in charge of establishing for you the translation of descriptive memoirs in English or French into Arabic.

Warning :

Our service Patent Renewal will remind you two months in advance the financial commitments to be respected in order to avoid:

- A charge for delayed payment.

- A loss of your rights in case of the latter being irreversible.

Prevention :

In order to preserve your monopoly and forbid any competitor from reproducing any characteristic of your invention, we study with you the amicable and judiciary procedures to allow you to win your cause.

Protection :

When you engage in a prosecution, we assume your defence from the start and notably in the case of seizure-counterfeit, we will provide the proof of counterfeiting and will appoint the best lawyers specialised in Industrial Property.

Payement of annuities :

We proceed to pay the annuities for invention patents and the PCT registered in Algeria. An on-line Data Base for the paid annuities is available.